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Why You Should Visit Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

When it comes to Jamaica, many envision the bussy streets of Kingston or the white, dreamy beaches of Negril. But there's a little-known treasure nestled away on the island's south coast, a place that captures the heart and soul of Jamaica in a way that's authentic, welcoming, and unforgettable. It's called Treasure Beach, and it's a destination like no other.

Community Tourism at Its Finest

Treasure Beach is the epitome of community tourism. Here, you won't find towering resorts or impersonal corporate chains. Instead, the heart and soul of this place are its people—locals who have opened their homes, built charming huts and villas, restaurants, cafes, and warmly welcome travellers into their world. The folks here are sweet, calm, and incredibly welcoming, making you feel like family from the moment you arrive.


The beach sunsets here are nothing short of magical, casting a warm glow over the calm waters. As you relax on the shoreline, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins playfully dancing in the waves. Fishermen return with the day's fresh catch, a reminder of the bountiful sea that sustains this community. Bars and restaurants line the coastline, offering Jamaican cuisine and ice cold beer. Early morning walks on the beach worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas.

All the Best of Jamaica, Minus the Crowds

Treasure Beach embodies the essence of Jamaica without the crowds and pushy sellers. Here, you won't find inflated prices in USD. Instead, you'll experience an authentic Jamaican way of life, where the pace is unhurried, and the people are genuine.

What to do in a day in close proximity:

  • Start your day at the wellness center with yoga and a smoothie get somejamaican breakfast if you feel for something heavier.

  • Explore the 4 bays—Callabash Bay, Billy's Bay, Frenchman Bay, and Great Bay, admire the beautiful beach villas and find your own little private places to swim.

  • Go to Diners delight for the best Jamaican box lunch style. I recommend everything from the meny, but especially her Brown stew Chicken or Curry Beef.

  • Relax in the shade for mid day and hire a fisherman to take you to The bars in the middle of the ocean; Pelican Bar and Loyds Dolphin reef for a cold beer, before you get ready and head to:

  • Jack Sprat or Lashings Beach Bar for dinner.

Places to go to explore if you have transportation:

  • See crocodiles and other wild life with the Black river safari in Historical Black River City.

  • Visit a 100 year old pineapple farm in Pisgah and taste all the seasonal fruits and roasted Yam with saltfish.

  • Explore YS falls, swim in the beautiful fall, zipline and feed the humming birds.

  • Enjoy the view by Lovers Leap

  • Fishing in Wally wash pond

  • Buy Pepper Crayfish in middle quarters

Why You'll Fall in Love

Treasure Beach isn't just a place; it's an experience. It's bonfires on the beach, dolphins escorting your boat to the bars in the ocean Pelican Bar or dolphin reef, breathtaking sunsets, spontaneous street parties, and the most delectable Jamaican food.

In Treasure Beach, you'll discover the Jamaica you've always dreamed of a place where authenticity, warmth, and natural beauty collide. It's a destination that encourage you to slow down, be in the moment, and connect with the heart and soul of this remarkable island.

So, why should you visit Treasure Beach? Because here, you'll find the true essence of Jamaica, waiting to embrace you with open arms.

Places i have stayed that i recommend: Katamah Guesthouse on the beach, Turtles Nest, Drew's Escape.

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If you feel inspired and want me to create a itinerary for you or if you want to book a tour with us please click the link and read more about our services. We are excited to show you Jamaica.

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