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Lets have a talk! We have options for any interest, passion and budget! 




Beaches, rivers, waterfalls, fruits and lush nature. That is what Portland is famous for and for a reason! Come explore the parish with me and let me show you my favorite spots. 


Private Tours


We do fully  personalized tours for you after your preferences. Book a meeting to get the perfect vacation planned and executed by us. One day or multiple days with or without accomodation..




The worlds culture hub. amazing streetfood, street art, murals and the birthplace of Reggae.  Visit the market, trench town, down town, uptown and in between and end the day in a river.

blue-mountains-jamaica-shutterstock_789935377_cc7e49ab64 (1).jpeg

Blue Mountains


Beautiful lush blue mountains with views, rivers and waterfalls. Chasing rivers and waterfalls, visit the famous blue mountain coffee farms or hike to the peak in the early AM to see the sun rise over Jamaica.

Buy a personalized itinerary

Are you a experienced traveler who don't need a guide and are comfortable driving in Jamaica, But you still want the expertize from a guide? No problem. Tell us your preferences and we will do a fully personalized itinerary for you. Send a email or book it directly from our booking site. 


Affiliate Marketing

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Why you should not skip Kingston when planning your trip to Jamaica.

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Don't miss out on Kingston! one of the most important cities when it comes to Jamaican Culture, food, vibes, party and even amazing rivers and beaches. This is just a fraction of things to do and see in Kingston but all of my favorites. 


The best Rivers and Beaches close to KIngston


You think Kingston is just about the city life? You are wrong! Kingston is sorounded by beach, mountains and rivers. This is my list to all of my favorites. 

Packing list when traveling to Jamaica


Some things are cheaper in Jamaica, some are more expensive and some things you cant even get here! This is the ultimate packing list. From sunscreen to swimwear, we've got you covered. 

Word of Mouth

"Gigi's passion for culture was shown through every step of our Streets of Jamaica tour. We discovered hidden treasures and experienced moments we'd never have found on our own. It was truly enlightening!"

Benjamin Blanchet

Marseille | France

"Streets of Jamaica and Gigi opened our eyes to the rich tapestry of Kingston culture. From secret spots to authentic encounters, this tour was a cultural immersion like no other."

Abigail Thomson

Los Angeles | USA

"Exploring Jamaica with Gigi was like having a personal cultural guide. Her knowledge and enthusiasm brought the hidden gems of this beautiful island to life. We felt safe and well taken care of every step of the way"

Tomas Barrel

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

"Thanks to Streets of Jamaica and our fantastic guide Gigi, we delved deep into the heart of Jamaican culture. We encountered hidden treasures and unforgettable moments that made our trip extraordinary."

Anna Schneider

Berlin | Germany

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